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Rabu, 09 Mei 2012

Business Profile

Business Profile

  1. Business name : CV HANABIO
  2. Established by Notarial Deed on May 1st, 2003 in Bogor.
  3. Type of business : Research and Development Services.
  4. Business Starting Year : 2003.
  5. Location : Bogor
  6. Customer from areas : Bogor, Cibinong, Tangerang, and Jakarta, etc.

II. History
Research and Development Services - Hanabio Environmental Toxicology Laboratory or usually called as Hanabio Lab, established by Notarial Deed on May 1st, 2003 in Bogor and it has specialization in research, development, and testing of toxicity.
With 9 years of experience, Hanabio Lab has been helping customers meet their need of safety for their increasing variety of new products consumed by them, such as food and beverages, preservatives, additives, etc such as liquid smoke, old salt, etc. We built a long -term client relationships by providing a combination they need, a combination of reliability, quality, convenience, and client service.
Toxicity testing done by Hanabio includes environmental toxicity testing for industrial products, such OSD (Oil Spill Dispersant), paint products, chemical material for fire extinguisher, waste-base building material products, e.g.paving block and waste materials in the form of sludge/cuttings/slurry/fly-ash/soil/mud as the result of oil drilling activities or from waste treatment in Wastewater Treatment Plant, etc.

III. Intention and Purpose
The intention of the establishment of Research and Development Services - Hanabio Environmental Toxicology Laboratory is that Indonesian society from various age, educational background, social status, and from other various background, all become realize and accept that food and beverage products, preservatives, dyes, medicine,etc they consume or all things they wear or use in their daily life should be safe and guaranteed for human.
Hanabio testing service has been used by big companies, such Waste Management Indonesia (PT PPLi), chemical material producer/distributor PT Sigma Utama, etc, and also governmental research institution, such as Agro Based Industry Analytical and Calibration (BBIA) of Indonesian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Chemical Research and Development Center of Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Puslit Kimia-LIPI), and some foreign private laboratories in Indonesia in oil/mineral/environmental chemistry from cities, such Bogor, Cibinong, Tangerang, Jakarta, etc.

IV. Staff and their education
  1. S3 Bioresources Sciences : 1 person
  2. S3 Immunology : 1 person
  3. Veterinarian : 2 persons
  4. Vocational High School of Pharmacy : 2 persons
  5. Senior High School : 2 persons
  6. Administration : 1 person
  7. Keeping of test animal : 1 person
V. Training obtained by Hanabio staff
training obtained  by Hanabio staff

VI. Testing which has been done and has been doing by Hanabio
testing by Hanabio

VII .Test services provided by Hanabio
test services provided by Hanabio

** For freshwater and seawater. Using test animal : mussle, fish, arthropods (shrimp),
mollusks, etc as required in the standard protocol of EPA, OECD, EU and other toxicity standards.

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